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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 1, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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vetch a bunch of warnings until 6:30 for frederick county in maryland, montgomery county, manassas, faulkier, loudoun, those southern ones don't seem to be in affect anymore. northern ones until 6:30 and northern fairfax and eastern loudoun outside of the beltway. on live doppler 9000 hd, you can see the action. it is really heavy to the south, east off to the west. a thin line of storms we are watching. south of frederick approaching urbana at this hour. on the east side of leesburg, north of chantilly, sterling and dulles with heavy rains to the south. first things first, you see where loudoun and frederick and montgomery county come together near dickerson and tus ca aurora, that's the same line of storms through ashburn and sterling. that's the severe storm. heavy rain prince william county. road bridge through the poe poe mac anoa alexandria. and lanham on the east side of the beltway prince georges
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county and clinton and western charles. heavy rain. tornado watch until 10:00. and flood watches and warnings whichly break down for you coming up. we are watching the road conditions and early delays. but first talk about an accident in the lanham area. westbound on route 50 at the beltway, john hanson highway. it's on the right shoulder. may attract attention as you head inbound to the beltway. north of town on the outer loop of the beltway where you will be on the breaks from new hampshire avenue heading over to georgia avenue. beyond that lanes are open to silver spring and rockville. we will head back out and over to 270 on the southbound side. already seeing the delays as you head down from germantown to montross road in rockville and all of the lanes are open as you head to the point of the lanes divide. look at the travel times now. if you are planning to head on to 66 inbound, it is slow. 7100 to the beltway. a 18-minute ride.
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495, 395 in the toll road, 15 minute ride and toll road ising down a eastbound six minutes. coming up, weather-related incidents and that is at 6:11. well, this latest storm could cause trouble in the usual spots with flooding. >> last time we checked in with kristin fisher she was in alexandria checking out things. the wind was picking up. we started to see the rain. what's it looking like now? >> throughout most of the morning the big issue we have been dealing with are the high winds but now you can see the rain has settled in and it's really just whipping you in the face as you make your way outside this morning. also, it is starting to cause a little bit of issues on the streets. check it out over here. we are starting to see water buildup on the side of the roadway. as it floods in to the drains and nothing major. nothing terrible but certainly something you want to watch for as you make your way in. also, as you saw in the drain, there were quite a bit of
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leaves clogging up the drain. nothing terrible to report just yet but something you want to watch for. also, those leaves, in addition to the rain on the roadway, are certainly making for a slick commute this morning. now the other big thing we have been talking about throughout the morning is of course the wind. and here in alexandria, let's look all the way back here. you can see that alexandria this time of the year is known for its beautiful holiday decorations. no damage to report just yet, but certainly something that residents here in alexandria are going to be watching for and keeping their fingers crossed that these heavy rainstorms do not interrupt or cause any damage to their beautiful christmas displays. more in a half hour. back to you. >> kristin is live in old town. remember you can always get the live doppler on our website at you can zoom all the way in to your county and neighborhood and even your street. check it out today by visiting the weather page on in just a few hours, dc's
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mayor elect will head to the white house. vincent gray is having lunch with president obama. he says the wants to establish a substantive relationship between the white house and the city. he is hoping this isn't his last meeting with the president. today's lunch follows yesterday's so-called slurpy summit. the president sat down with the incoming house and summit leadership of the white house and spent two hours talking. the president did hint they may read some come pro--- they may reach some compromise on the bush era tax cuts. t. the pentagon released a report on the don't ask don't tell policy. 70% of troops surveyed says alouing gay and lesbian troops to serve openly would have no affect. the change would be gradual for
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the deployed units. there would be training, education for the troops and superiors, housing benefits would be limbed to heterosexual and married couples and insurance would be extended to same sex partners. >> the key to success, as with most things military, is training, education, and above all strong and principled leadership. >> reporter: the pentagon says if the rule is changed, it's hoping congress is the win to change it instead of a court ruling. that will allow the military to set a timetable for implementing it. it's a crime that doesn't make since to anyone that hears about it. why would a woman throw her 2- year-old grand daughter four stories to her death? carmella dela rosa is charged with murder. police say she threw her grand daughter from an elevated walkway at tysons corner center on monday night. the child fell 50 feet. her neighbors can't believe she would do such a thing.
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>> no. she don't look crazy like that. she don't look crazy. this woman is very smart. i talked to her. me and her sat there and talked. no, she loves that baby. she always look at the baby and throw kisses at me all the time. no, i can't believe it. >> reporter: right now she is held without bond. she will be back in court on january 4th. the car that general motors hopes rewill revitalize the american auto industry is off the assembly line. they rolled off the first volt in detroit. the first electric car with extended range capability. gm says production will add at least 1,000 jobs in michigan. all right. 24 -- 24 more shopping days before christmas. it is time to ready, set shop. i'm here in the web center with jessica. we have had a chuckle because our kids love this pillow pet. my son even knows the commercial by heart. >> sofia says the same thing.
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worthy competitors, google product search and and don't forget the coupon code websites. you can really get in the spirit of giving with alex's coupons. no not only do they off coupons at 1200 store they also help in the fight against childhood cancer. they donated $20,000 to childhood charities last year. >> wow! >> i love that site. >> that is something. i know after this segment what i want for christmas. the belly dancing thing. >> there you go. and we will get you a pillow pet. >> thank you. it is 8 after the hour. here's a look at what is coming your way in this hour of 9 news now. we will be joined in the studio by glenn ivey, the state's attorney for prince georges county. get his take on the ongoing corruption probe. and we are going jumbo.
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why restaurants will be serving it.
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welcome back. heavy rains and thunderstorms in the area right now.
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a new batch of rain is heavy at times. route 1, haven't, mount vernon in to fairfax envy korean in and great falls right now. tracking to dc and montgomery and howard counties. we will see the temperatures get cooler with a little sunshine this afternoon. mike, andrea. >> i will take it from here. if you are traveling in fairfax station, virginia watch out. downed tree and wires on ox road and fairfax station in virginia. coming up in my next report, more weather-related incidents. mike. >> we will see you then. days after the latest documents the founder of wikileaks finds himself on interpolls most wanted list. that's a story making news this morning. the 39-year-old julian asarge has a warrant for his arrest in sweden. it is mart of a rape investigation. he denies the allegations.
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his group, as you may know, released thousands of diplomatic documents on the united states this week. the head of the tsa says he implemented the any screenings and patdowns to send a strong message to terrorists. speaking to "usa today," he says minor changes may be made. he adds, though, no new screening methods are in the works right now. a rare copy of "the star spangled banner" is going on the auction block. the document was engraved and printed in baltimore. andrea? >> thank you, mike. well, it's been a tumultuous time in prince georges county, maryland and here to talk about it is outgoing states attorney, glenn ivey. good to have you back here at 9 news now. let's talk about something that happened recently. first of its kind indictment dealing with loan modifications. 36% of the foreclosures in maryland took place in prince georges county.
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here's a program to help out homeowner and here's someone scamming them. >> an indictment we released yesterday and the defendant howard shmuckler was charged with conspiracy. the main point is if you are having trouble with your mortgage and someone is offering you an out that involves advanced fees, you have to pay them up front to get help, it is not the right way to go. in fact it is illegal in maryland. reach out to the agencies in the government that can give help or a nonprofit. don't try to go at it alone. >> reporter: how many family were taken in. >> $40,000 over ten families but we did the indictment with the state department that deals with this is called the department of licensing and they say they are hundreds of these across the state and so it is a huge problem and everybody needs to be on guard.
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>> reporter: in this case any chance of restitution for the families? >> restitution is something we seek at the end of the process. i don't know how this case will play out but absolutely. >> reporter: regarding the ongoing county corruption case the baltimore sun has asked how long had it been festering why had no one taken notice until you. did you not hear the rumors? why is the fed the lead on this? >> i think it is good the fed took the lead in this instance. i they have the resources to do the investigation. looks like the centerpiece is the nine-month wiretap. we don't have the capability to do that at the county level. to the, tent you will have an investigation that touches the county executive or the chargest against him the police department works for him. the chief is appointed by the county executive so i think it makes sense to have an independent agency, in this case the fbi, take the lead in the investigation. i commend him for what he did in the justice opt department in this effort.
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>> reporter: you leave office in january. your proudest accomplishment as state estonian what will you do after january. >> i think the office has grown. we have some positive things increasing the number of prosecutors we have and some big wins in the courtroom, as well. i really liked the ability to work with the community, especially the faith and business community to do some of the intervention and prevention programs that we can't fund with budget dollars during the recession. >> reporter: you have talked to us many times about domestic violence. >> oh, yeah. tutoring program, a variety of those i worked on as states attorney and want to continue to work on as i go to the private sector. >> reporter: notice he didn't tell us what he will do when he leaves office in january. we will keep pressing for that. best of luck. >> thank you. >> no warnings at the moment but a tornado watch is in
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affect until 10:00 a.m. area wide. western areas, we are seeing the colder air move in. severe weather threat will end here but a lot to deal with as we watch the showers and storms to the north and east. for us a lot of heavy rain through richmond. some of the stuff to rich monday is rather intense. tracking to the northeast. southern maryland if you have been seen much now you will get it. hang in there. you will get hit good, as well. switch over to live doppler 9000 hd and show you what is happening. we have a lot of heavy rainfall pushing toward washington at this moment. the storm that was severe that we were watching out of loudoun county is moving in from loudoun up to frederick and montgomery. a little sliver of it down here. heavy rainfall. fairfax county, 66 around the beltway to 95, route 1, going down south 95 in to prince
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william, heavy rain. this is going to mess up the commute. this is on the east side of the beltway as well along 580 in to -- 50 in to anne arundel and prince georges county. moderate rains are occurring. winds gusting to near 40 miles an hour. you will see poolesville through potomac and great falls seeing the heavy rainfall, as well. it is going to be rough around here for another couple of hours. let's go back to the weather computer. get the bus stop forecast. we have got rain, wind, thunderstorms in the 60s. falling to the 50s at the bus stop. sunrise is 7:08. it will set at 4:47. and the rains this morning will give way to partly sunny and colder conditions this afternoon. by noon, we are dropping to 53. we will lose ten degrees between now and noon and by the time you head home in the 40s. winds will turn to the south and west and calm do you know 10 to 20. gusty winds and heavy rains.
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out west flood warnings. faulkier south and west. and a lot of rain out there. you see the colder air moving in. garrett county 32. we are at 64. warm spot being forburg at 66. d fredericksburg at 66. after this morning, weather improves. 65 for the storms but in the 40s by this evening. 44 tomorrow after being in the 20s and 30 tonight. only 42 on friday. beyond that even colder. saturday, 40. and looks like flurries on monday an tuesday with temperatures in the 30s. monica, you must have a lot to talk about. >> not looking good right now. especially on the east side of town. we will tell you about weather- related incidents and an accident on route 50. let's take you there. the accident is on the right lane and you have delays all the way back at route 3 heading in to the beltway. stay to the left to get by. now the weather-related
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incidents. germantown first where there are wire down on father hurley boulevard west of 270. watch out at winfield drive where pepco is on the scene. also wires down in olney at brightwood and bowie mill road and now word of wires down as well in fairfax station in virginia at ox road. let's head out and head in on the 66 where you will be on the brakes now from route 7100. it will look like this all the way to nutley street. it's all the weather conditions this morning let's look at the travel times. actually we will do that next time. next report at 6:25. back to you. we are starting a few future this morning. in the month of december, we are calling it morning lights. we'd like to showcase the light displays in your neighborhood. we need your help to do that. send us your photos of the displays at your home n your town or at your desk at work. be sure to include your name and where you live and e-mail the photo to us. the address is
6:20 am or you can post them to our facebook page 9. we'll start to show them starting on monday morning at this time. >> the movie on tv last week with matthew broderick and danny da veto, competing holiday displays. a preview of the harsh cuts recommended to cut the deficit. and georgetown sends it in to wherever time with a last- second basket. see how the hoyas fared in ot.
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6:23. a tornado watch in affect. right now no severe warnings by flood warnings west and heavy rains across anne arundel, prince georges county. terry in bowie says it is coming down. and it will be coming down heavily through the 9:00, 8:00 hour. we are at 60s now. winds turn to the west. northwesterly at noon. maybe a little sun by then. partly sunny this afternoon and by 5:00 p.m. back in the 40s. grab the jackets. mike, andrea? >> thank you, howard. in sports the capitals and the wizards are in action tonight. >> the caps visit the st. louis blues. the puck drops at 8:00 this the wizards are facing the raptors. a thrilling night in kansas city last night as georgetown took on missouri.
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a ties the game to over time. in ot clark had three three.ers and georgetown wins 111-102. hoyas are 7-0 now. our time is 6:25. still to come a patron of a popular adams morgan bar says bouncers got too rough with him. and the clock is ticking on unemployment benefits. coming up, jessica doyle will tell us what it will mean for millions of americans. and monica has a look at our soggy commute. >> we will look at southbound on i-270. jammed as you can see from route 121 to the point where the lanes divide. about a 25-minute ride for you right now. more weather-related problems coming up. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. ♪
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we have your weather first. a live look from montgomery village in maryland. wow! there it is. wet streets, windy, rainy. pretty nasty out there. >> thank you for starting your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein is tracking the wind, rains. it is balmy now but big changes
6:30 am
are coming. >> december 1st starts with temperatures in the mid-60s. maybe the warmest temperatures of the month right now. we will start you off with a look at the day planner. it will get colder. 64 and we will be 53 by noon. maybe a leftover shower and 47 by 5:00 p.m. we have a tornado warning in affect. the brunt of the rain, the heaviest stuff is along ann east of i-95. western areas seeing moderate rains but the heavy stuff is up to northern anne arundel county, down right through the i-95 corridor and the northern neck. a trip to the jessup area there. 32 approaching 100, south of bwi, heavy rainfall east of jessup up to arnold, and it will be slow in those areas and eastern montgomery county seeing that. a line of shower and
6:31 am
thunderstorms from ashland to west of newland, that is tracking up to mechanicsville in the next half hour. again, we start at the 60s and finish in the 40s. here's monica with the time saver traffic. >> heavy traffic just about everywhere in the washington area right now and especially if you are heading westbound on route 50. take you there right now. if you are going to travel from bowie. watch out. it is slow basically for six miles as you head all the way to the beltway where the accident has been cleared to the shoulder. the damage is done. once at the beltway you are okay. and let's take you this to germantown. we have been dealing with wires down and crews on the scene on father hurley boulevard and winfield drive. the same in olney. wire and trees down on brightwood and bowie mill road and if you are traveling on southbound river road, watch out for a tree down. apparently southbound river road is blocked there in potomac and down in virginia, wire and trees down in fairfax station and ox road.
6:32 am
crews are on the scene there, as well. the next report is at 6:45. we will tell you more about the weather-related incidents. mike, andrea? we want to check on think hoe storm is affecting old town alexandria. >> kristin fisher is joining us live with the story. winds picking up more. >> we just got a really good gust. this section of old town sand, the big concern is flooding and right now we are under a coastal flood advisory, but, you know, so far so good. we are doing okay here on the alexandria waterfront. right here, that's the potomac river right over there and we have no standing water in the middle of the roadway. that is indeed good news. if we pan up, up you can see how much those flags are blowing in this wind. we are getting gusts of 30 to 40 miles an hour.
6:33 am
heavy winds here. we have so many leaves an the high winds have been falling to the ground. they are stacking up in front of the drain and could cause some potential problems if the rains continue to fall as it has been doing. so far, andrea and mike, so good. let's keep cure fingers crossed that it stays that way. >> we hope for that, too. >> well, tracking the storm all morning long by visiting check out our live interactive doppler radar. it is on the front page. this morning another prince georges county police officer arrested in a corruption probe
6:34 am
goes back before a judge. 30-year-old is accused of cigarette and alcohol scheme. he is one of three officers arrested in the case. and the owners of the liquor store involved in the probe are pleading not guilty. they are charged with taking the black market scheme and they are the owners of tick tock liquor in langley park. he is being detained and his wife is under electronic monitoring right now. a night of celebration at a bar turns in to a trip to the hospital for one man. it's a story you'll only see on 9 news now. michael says he was in the leaky faucet in adams morgan last month when he bumped in to the wrong person. he says he doesn't remember what happened after that. the whole incident is reminiscent of the beating death of ali mohammad at the dc 9 club in october. >> i have heard them claim they can't prove that any of the people that were involved in the assault worked there. so then, you know what i would
6:35 am
say on the reverse side where was your security. >> reporter: an employee at the bar across from the leaky faucet said he saw bouncers beating him after they dragged him outside. jessica doyle is joining us with a your money report. >> important economic news on not one but two fronts. >> that's right. washington totally hyper focused 0 them economy this week. big changes that could alter when you retire, how much money you will get from the government and how much your house is really worth to you. but first, the latest on assistance for the unemployed. extended unemployment benefits for 2 million americans will begin to run out today. that is unless congress changes its mind. benefits that had been extended up to 99 weeks will end this month. a bill failed over the cost it would add to the deficit. lawmakers can still extend it retro activity. a big public unveiling from
6:36 am
a plan from the deficit commission. portions of the plan released earlier this month would curb future increases in social security benefits. the plan will raise the retirement age to 68 by 2050 and 69 by 2075 and eliminate a huge assortment of tax breaks like the deduction for your mortgage interest and almost double the federal tax on a gallon of gas with a 15 cents per gallon increase. it will take approval of 14 of the 17 panel members to send it to a possible vote to congress and the plan may not even have enough votes to get out of the commission. so definitely something we will be watching. >> thank you. well, tonight is the first night of hanukkah. the jewish celebration of light, of course, which means lighting the fist candle on the menorah. this is video from last year. i think that is rahm emmanuel lighting the candle. it is today at 4:00 on the ellipse. theist navy band will perform.
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another sign of the holiday season, the rockefeller christmas tree is lit up for the season. the mayor flipped on the switch turning on 30,000 led lights. up next, howard will tell us when the rain will move out. also ahead, we are going to the kitchen, seafood gumbo for breakfast. learn how chefs in our area and across the country are bringing attention to the gulf coast today. here's what is tonight on channel 9.
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in think weather center with howard. he's been busy with storms moving through. causing power outage in our area. 30,000 customers without power. half of those are virginia dominion power customers. >> and leesburg has some outages. watch it this morning for dark intersections, high water and potentially wires and trees down. it's been a rough morning. if there is good news it looks like we are getting to the tail end 0 the the severe weather. south and east we have more problems. a warning has been issued for st. mary's and calvert county and southeastern tip of charles county until 7:30. folks in leonardtown, hollywood, watch out here as the storms are coming out of the northern neck and right toward you. we will go over to live doppler 9000 hd. i want to show you where things are right now.
6:43 am
we have moderate to heavy rains occurring in and around the metro. with the heavy stuff we are talking about down here. up to baltimore, and we are seeing the brunt of it along and east of 95. although there is moderate rains from winchester, up 81 to martinsburg. here's fairfax county, seeing some of that and that will be moving through dc in the next 30 minutes but the heavy stuff, a couple of bands of it that we are seeing from baltimore down 97 along the bay, severna park to annapolis. this is moving to the northeast and these storms have been moving 40 to 50, to 60 miles an hour with potentially damaging winds at times. bowie to lanham to college park up to howard county, columbia, centreville, moderate rainfall there. to the south, though, is where we have the severe thunderstorms that have been coming out of the richmond, ashland area, north and west of news willland, crossing the area up to mechanicsville. this is trafficking in this direction. especially the northern half
6:44 am
right now for the next half hour of st. mary's and calvert county, and perhaps southern anne arundel. you have to watch for these storms as they move northeast. heavy rain and winds potentially with the storms above 40 to 50 miles an hour and one last shot to see the rain here. back on the weather computer and give you the big picture as the storms have been moving from southwest to northeast. the whole line moving east. shutting down to charlottesville and turning to snow in western pennsylvania. the air will get colder by this afternoon. this morning, though, the bus stop forecast, hey, keep the kids in the car. drive them maybe. wind, rain and thunderstorms. 50s and 60s. 60s now dropping to the 50s in the next couple of hours. the sunrise 7:08. our day planner showing the falling temperatures. don't let the warmth fool you. take a jacket with you. we will be down to 53 by noon. sun this afternoon. 50 by 3:00 and by 6:00 p.m. in the mid-40s going to the 20s and 30s on the.
6:45 am
flood watch for the metro. out west we have flood warnings from faulkier county south and west until 10:30, hagerstown west until 10:15. pockets of flooding here and there. charlie in catlett said he had a half inch. in flooding by him but we in the we have had heavy rainfall. in the mid 60s in fredericksburg. 64 here. martinsburg 61. and over the next couple of hours we will see the brunt of the rain pull away from us. much better by noon. remember, it is turning colder once we get rid of the rain. so today, 65 early. dropping temperatures. tomorrow 44. friday 42. friday night football games will be a cold one. saturday 40 and even colder on sunday, monday and tuesday with mountain snows and maybe a few flurries here also with highs in the 30s. it is 6 listen 45. monica has the latest time saver traffic. >> the yellow lights telling us we have moderate conditions and a lot of incidents and accidents and delays. lack at the overview right now.
6:46 am
you will find a lot of traffic, especially on the west side of town. inner loop. look at that. delays are because of an accident at gallows road. it is on the left shoulder. delays begin at braddock road and this will look like this to tysons corner at route 7. the accident on the shoulder. 95 and 395, pretty much the same thing with delays heading up in to springfield and to the 14th street bridge. here's what it looks like at the beltway and colesville road. outer loops begin at 95. looks like this to georgia avenue. a 20 to 25-minute delay with wet road conditions and those delays are growing quickly. coming up in my next report at 6:58, more on the incidents in the washington area. mike, andrea? >> thank you, monica. 6:46. i can't get happier than when we are doing the morning show and there is food involved. dozens of restaurants will take part in what is called dine america for gulf seafood. it was designed to draw attention to gulf coast cuisine
6:47 am
because the fishing industry has been decimated by the oil spill and hurricanes and so anything that restaurants can do to make the situation better. joining us is chris klein from passion fish. your restaurants are taking part in dine america. >> it is 257-plus restaurants and more and chefs participating in promoting gulf seafood and today is a kickoff day. our restaurants, especially dc coast and passion fish went through 1800 gulf shrimp, 600- pounds of gulf crab meat, 400- pounds of tuna and 900 whole pounds of snapper alone. so we have a little seafood gumbo which we have at dc coast and always at our louisiana restaurant and also seafood gumbo at passion fish.
6:48 am
a nice dark rue. look like silly putty. >> it does. what is that. >> combination of oil, fat and flour. cook it a long time. we have a shorter recipe we put for the viewers to have. do it for a couple of hours. we cook ours 12 hours. >> oh, my goodness. >> after that we cook the rue. make it dark roast and we have the holy trinity which is keyen it is celery, pepper and onion. a little red pepper for color and gulf seafood, gulf crab. this is right from louisiana. we have gulf oyster and shrimp. >> will all of that be compiled in the mix? >> correct. >> will i be able to taste this? >> definitely. >> and little less than a minute. would love to see if you have to do anything to prepare. >> this has been cooking all day. start it this morning. smell the nice aroma. we will add seafood to the pan and we will add this base. so a seafood stock, the crab
6:49 am
and everything else. >> reporter: 20 seconds left. if you would like to peak part in helping the coast gulf and the fishermen out there support the restaurants for dine america for gulf seafood. yours is passion fish. >> dc coast, pen pen, and sava and we will feature gulf seafood as we always do and we will feature it on the menus for specials only the. a lot of gulf seafood and we love our friends down there. >> sounds good. thank you. we'll be right back. we are witching to basketball for the game of the week poll. we have five games just like with football if for you to choose from. madison hosting chantilly, yorktown at south lake, franklin county at potomac and a couple of games in the langley tip off tournament including the host against garfield.
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cast your vote right now at dc.high school the winning game leads our coverage on a basketball friday
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to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. we have severe weather still in southern maryland and parts of the northern neck. heaviest along and east of 95. rain through 9:00 but winding down this morning and turning colder. noontime 53. 5:00 p.m. we are back in the 40s. mike, an ya? >> thank you, highway ward. here's a look at the news before you go. the virginia grandmother accused of killing her grand daughter will be back in court next month. police say carmella delaa rosa tossed her grand daughter off of the sky walk at tysons
6:54 am
corner. vincent gray heads to the white house today. he will be having lunch with the president. he will take office next month. while he's there he will see this. a giant red ribbon adorning the north side of the white house. it's in honor of world aids day which is today. one more traffic and weather check when 9 news now
6:55 am
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. still look agent moderate to heavy rains across the metro right now. heaviest along east of 95,
6:58 am
especially in southern maryland. the storm northwest of leonardtown. a severe thunderstorm warning on that. you can see it until 7:30 along with calvert county. that extends to the eastern shore with a tornado watch until 10:00. that will be trimmed back. we will show you what is going on with our extended forecast. today 60s early. drop to the 40s by this evening. staying in the mid 40ed tomorrow. low 40s on friday and colder through the weekend. by monday and tuesday, mid-30s with flurries. monica? >> all major roadways are backed up because of the weather and plenty of incidents. so give yourself extra time you will need this morning. start with 395 northbound. look at that. from the beltway all the way to king street, the accident in the left lane. on the inner loop it looks like that from braddock road to tysons corner because of an accident on the left shoulder. that's a half hour drive there. an accident in arlington on the north quincy street and fairfax drive. the next report is 7:25. as for wall street a little
6:59 am
better news. we are on the verge of breaking below 11000 by we are looking high they are morning. >> wow! am i hungry. sorry. >> gumbo for breakfast but on a morning like this, cold, damp and it is perfect and looks beautiful. >> not just for breakfast anymore. >> not at all. >> howard you will be doing cut ins. >> we will be live through the "early show" with the latest on the se veer weather we have been having and you can get it all on as we get ready to sample we wish you a good, safe day. we will see you again starting dark and early at 4:25 a.m. have a great day. >> careful on the roads. >> stay safe. >> let's eat.


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